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My latest musical is endeavor is a celebration of all I love in rock n' roll. 

THE JOYFUL HOPE plays classic surf rock instrumentals by The Ventures & The Shadows  as well as songs with unforgettable vocal melodies like "The Wichita Lineman" by Glen Campbell and "Don't Let Me Down" by The Beatles.  Our repertoire is both unique and familiar.  We are not your typical bar band but we do make entertaining folks the priority

We also perform a number of my original songs cast in the same mold as the great covers we do.

Here is a classic rock instrumental live at The Linsmore Tavern in Toronto !

Here's our version of a timeless song by the great Glen Campbell

Eugene Tanaka

Mark Ripp

John Toffoli

An original JOYFUL HOPE surf rock  instrumental

Leo's Bounce
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Our brand new logo designed by Richard Mongiat

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