Album Cover
Under The Circumstances
Mark Ripp & The Confessors
Released: Nov 27, 2016
Label: Independent / Banbury Park Records
Track Listing
1 I'm 99
2 Lose My Way
3 Everything Is Made In China
4 Hey Little Guy
5 Wishin'
6 Gracefully
7 Wanna Go Home
8 Two Of A Kind
9 Twilight
10 Stay The Night
11 Side Of The Road
12 Shitty Little Cavalier
13 I Don't Know

Liner Notes

When I looked at these songs as a group it occurred to me the characters seemed to be feeling the weight of what was dealt them.  We’re all here living with things imposed from without and within.  There’s economic disparity, guilt, longing, bewilderment, but mercifully, there’s also Rock n’ Roll, I hope this album is worth the listen, thanks.




Mark Ripp & The Confessors - Under The Circumstances
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